How to Install LioranBoard Notification System

Step 1 - Move the sounds

LioranBoard comes with a few extra sound effect in the folder LB notification system

You need to transfer those sound effect from that folder to the sound folder inside LioranBoard Receiver(PC)

Step 2 - Start installing the Extension

Make sure that LioranBoard is connected to OBS. MUST HAVE OBS WEBSOCKET 4.8.0 OR HIGHER

Then click the Install Extension button inside Lioranboard.

Select LioranBoard Notification System.lbe that's located inside LB notification system folder.

Then select the tsl_transmitter.html that you are using.

Step 3 - Get your OBS ready

Create a Scene in OBS called -LioranBoard Notification-, you can click the copy button to copy paste the names.

LioranBoard will move to the next step once you complete every step.

Create 11 Image Source inside that Scene and give them these names

You don't need to add any pictures to them, just leave every source you create to default.

-LB 100bits-

-LB 10bits-

-LB messageframebottom-

-LB messageframetop-

-LB metalframetop-

-LB metalframebottom-

-LB raid low-

-LB raid mid-

-LB raid high-

-LB bitsbar-

-LB subbackground-

Create 6 Text (GDI+) and 1 Color Source

Same as above, leave them all to default.

Text (GDI+) Sources

-LB message-

-LB gift-

-LB month-

-LB context-

-LB name-

-LB bits total-

Color Sources

-LB message shadow-

Step 4 - You are done.

Once you've created every source accordingly, LioranBoard will take care of the rest.

You will see the Source list be reorganized. You do not need to do anything else.

You can now use the notification system, Make sure your Twitch account is linked and connected.

Use -LioranBoard Notification- as a nested scene in your main scenes.

From this point you can test it out using the transmitter.

Step 5 - Some costumization.

This system will resize itself based on your resolution, so you dont need to do any adjustment.

Even if you change your resolution later on, it will adjust itself again when LioranBoard connect to OBS.

You can Change the sound notification by changing the sound effects listed in the new board that was added to your Deck.

You will see many green buttons at the bottom of that deck, change the sounds to the prefered sound, or remove them.

You can Turn TTS on by editing the red button that says TTS. Make that variable 1 instead.

Note: OBS Browser source does not support built in TTS, you will need to use the transmitter in chrome if you want TTS.

You can now enjoy a fully local Notification system, no need to use 3rd party website.